About me

Hello, I am Travis Lang. I founded Team Veteran to help our hometown hero’s. A little about my history now. I have a total of 10 years in the US Army. It is broken up between Regular active duty US Army, Inactive Reserves and US Army National Guard. Where I served at is as follows: Fort Knox Kentucky, Fort Lenard wood Missouri, Fort Hood Texas, Stuttgart Germany, Kuwait and Iraq. My jobs while in service was: Truck Driver, VIP Driver, NBC, Armorer, Supply, Administration, Convoy Security, Base Security, FOB Security, Raid Personnel, EPW Guard, Infantry.


My education is as follows: 1 BA in business Marketing, 1 Associates in Divinity, 3 Diplomas in High School, Physical Therapy, Reiki, 2 Certificates in Supervisor Development, Fundraising for Non – Profits.


I am Married with 3 Step Children whom I love and adore. I love to be outside, country music, movies, carpentry work, Driving my truck, riding a motorcycle, fishing, camping, off road driving, working on my truck, helping others, learning, taking time to just relax, reading, spirituality, spending time with family and friends.


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