What we have

What we have today is a direct response to men and women from past to present answering the call of duty. A duty to serve and to protect this great nation. They do this knowing the sacrifices that may need to be made, they do this knowing this may be there last decision they may make. They make these sacrifices so you and your children wont have to. They do this not expecting any gratitude from you, they do this even though some spit in there faces, degrade them, They do this even though some may think they are the lowest life form out there.

But what if we can do something very small yet has a big impact on the men and women who paid a sacrifice to this great nation protecting its freedom that you so enjoy. what if i said you don’t even have to meet them or get out of your comfy house to help them. What if i said all you have to do is go to a secured website and type your donation amount in.

I know times are tough, economy isn’t getting better anytime soon. some of you may even be trying to find a way to support your families the way it is. But i am saying this right now, if it wasn’t for the soldiers protecting our freedom you may not have what you have now, There are some Disabled Veterans that would love to just get in and out of there house freely. You see what you take for granted, our Disabled Veterans are unable to do. SO i am challenging each and every one to go to the link below and donate at a minimum 5 dollars. if you can do more then by all means do more. I can honestly say, a Disabled Veterans life will be filled with tears of gratitude. To know some one out there does truly care for them.

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